"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"
Anais Nin



What is Feminine Energy and Why Should I Care?

Posted on September 24th, 2010 by Katherine Poehnert  |  No Comments »

This Site Is For Women Leaders Who Are Ready To Learn, Build and Profit Using Their Core Feminine Values!

Some of the core feminine values that women bring to the table  (kitchen, boardroom, or any other kind of table) that make up  major leadership qualities are:

  • Collaboration
  • Nurturance
  • Connection
  • Receptivity
  • Resilience and Holism

We have developed the belief that masculine qualities, such as action, linear thought, drive, and self-reliance are somehow “better”  or more acceptable than feminine qualities.  But….

A subtle shift is beginning to occur in the boardrooms and offices of corporate America

You may not have heard, but if you listen carefully you will notice the faint whisperings of a new Paradigm.  Traits that have always come naturally to women, are now beginning to be recognized and valued, rather than diminished and minimized as soft skills or“fluff”.

Our Real power comes from balancing feminine and masculine energy

Before the outside world appreciates the value of our core essence, we must understand the value it brings for ourselves. Women who stand in the knowledge and power of the Feminine Energy, have taken a significant step to begin building their self assurance and evolution. Within this step, there is an infusion of energy and motivation to take action and begin utilizing their gifts and talents in a meaningful and purposeful way.

As leaders we can leverage the power of our feminine energy to secure our professional presence,evolve ourselves and midwife this new paradigm into full existence.


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I spent a good part of last night focused on the latest sexual abuse scandal at Penn State; reading the full Grand Jury report and actually watching some news programs,…which is unusual for me, as I generally do not find the news, as it is currently reported, to be something that adds much to my life.  However, what  I have begun to realize, in looking at corporate scandals, excess greed, and even the wall st  protests (I know I said I don’t pay attention to the news, but, Hey, sometimes you just can’t help yourself….)…we are really beginning to see the cleansing of many patriarchal systems which have flourished for many years, being dismantled.   The gift in this is that this purging will ultimately pave the way for a new, more feminine consciousness and energy to enter our world.  (remember this is not male vs female, but masculine energy vs feminine energy)

Whether you buy into the whole 2012 thing, and I certainly believe we are entering into a new energetic field, it is pretty obvious that a lot of  the status quo is shifting.    When we look at nature, we know that chaos always pre-ceeds evolution, so it is actually comforting to me to know that old, inefficient, destructive, and limiting structures are collapsing.  Yes, there is always detritus  following shift, but it is what we do with that “stuff” that really matters.  If we can clean it up,  embrace it and re-shape it into  new possibilities, then we are incredibly wealthy indeed.  Let’s look at all of these changes (environmental, financial, social, etc.) as wonderful gifts which are heralding us into a newer, more enlightened space…..then we can say “bring it on!”, and really mean it!

2 Women Do What 60 Men Could Not!

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Interesting information from the Jacee Dugard  story…..I knew that Jacee  was kidnapped and held for 18 years (unbelievable), but what I did not know, but learned recently, is that  sixty…six…zero visits were made to her captors’ home by probation officers and even though she (and ultimately her two daughters) were living in the backyard, no one bothered to look!  Incredible as that may seem, it is true.  Now, I do not know if all the probation officers that visited were men,  or even if there were sixty of them, but I am assuming the majority of them were. (I am not man-bashing here!)

Jacee’s  kidnapped story ended with two women security officers who “just had a feeling something was not right” when they saw her, her daughters, and her captor together in public.  They were not able to rationally give a reason as to why they did not feel comfortable , but their “gut” told them to investigate further, and the result was a happy release from captivity for Jacee and her daughters.

Maybe if some of those  60 men ( or any who may have been women) would have paid attention to their amazing source of  information, their intuition, Jacee and family may have been released much sooner.

Perhaps we need to question whether we  ”give permission” to men in our society to follow hunches, and gut feelings, or do we expect them to be rational and factual at all times?

Let this story be a lesson to all of us to pay attention to that subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) voice inside…..it is a gold mine of information!

Why are Most Cult Leaders Men?

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I just saw a great documentary on a cult leader out west who did all the typical cult leader stuff.. ……. you know, .like claiming he is ” the Messiah”, sleeping with young girls while requiring abstinence from his followers, and controlling every aspect of his disciples lives.  It got me to thinking about the fact that you rarely hear about women leaders of a dangerous cult.   Why is that?..hmm… seems to me that, for the most part, typical feminine characteristics such as nurturance, collaboration and non-hierarchical leadership are counter to what is needed to help a cult flourish.  Now, that is not to say that women cannot be as controlling or power-hungry as men.  There have, in fact, been some  fairly well-established women cult leaders.  For instance, Elizabeth Clare Prophet who led the Church Universal and Triumphant for several years was rumored to have abused her position to sexually manipulate young men, and  brainwash followers.  However, Ching Hai, leader of one of the fastest growing cults in the world , is based in California and has many vietnamese and Chinese followers, but very few critics.  Her organization appears to be very non-hierarchical, not overly authoritarian, and extremely philanthropic  .   A sense of inclusiveness pervades her lectures, which are based on a Q and A format rather than fire and brimstone, doomsday rhetoric.  There  also has been no evidence of physical or sexual abuse within her community.

So what does all this mean?  I believe that anyone (women or men) who embody more feminine principles are much less likely to become cult leaders. Almost by definition cults imply a strong hierarchy of authority and very often lead to misuse of power and influence. Feminine energy is more inclusive, nurturing and circular, with less need to be in control.

Now, there may be those who say that perhaps the reason there are not many women cult leaders is because it is much more difficult for a woman to come to that place of power in a society based on masculine principles, where women  are usually under-valued.  This may be true, but I still hold to the fact that the intrinsic traits that women embody are counter to what is necessary to become a strong cult leader.   What do you think?

Noticing a new flavor…..

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I just saw a commercial on television for an on-line University (you know the one- “rising from the ashes”-)-  that was pretty refreshing, and spoke to the changing flavor of  some traditional business approaches.  This happened to be  an advertisement for receiving an MBA and  the jist of the whole thing was that typical MBA programs teach future business leaders to pretty much focus on the bottom line only (or at least most of the time!), and that the result of that is  a very negative effect for our planet. (this was graphically shown by a long line of slow-moving traffic on a freeway with a great deal of obvious exhaust and pollution).  What made this MBA program different was that the learning environment was focused on surrounding  future leaders  with people who want to make a difference in the world , and that helps students to  feel as though they can solve anything.

I really liked the “feeling” I had watching it (of course I have to remember it is a sales pitch), but  nonetheless, I have to assume the consciousness behind it was authentic, and spoke to the beginnings of a shift away from the idea that the bottom line is the only important thing in business.   How often do we hear the line  ”well, all that really matters is the bottom line”…how true is this? If we only focus on the bottom line, or the end “product” we often miss the “process” and all we have to learn from that.  Many of the most successful women in business have almost an obsession with customer preferences, and spend a great deal of time connecting with these customers….when we connect authentically with others, and in this case our market, we begin to actually feel their pain, and think as they do which certainly helps understand what they need, and in this “process” will increase profits (the bottom line).   Additionally, because women tend to have a strong desire to be a part of something meaningful and contributory, they will work extremely hard to make a difference in the lives of others (it is kind of the way we are hard-wired)…by doing so, again, bottom line profits are increased, but it is also the satisfaction of contributing that is the greatest reward for these women. As we begin to apply more feminine principles in business, and balance those with the appropriate masculine  energy, we can be assured that this combined energy will bring amazing results!

Winter Solstice- So What?

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December 21 is the winter solstice- the shortest day of the year..which,of course means short daylight and a longer time of darkness.  In our busy lives, particularly at this time of year, most of us don’t even notice or care about this date that was heralded and celebrated by ancient societies, except maybe to complain that we have less time to get all of our “stuff” done!

What did they know that we have forgotten?

Solstice actually means  “sun stands still”,–when the sun appears to stay at the same place on the horizon for several days…..so , in their infinite wisdom, these peoples celebrated the rebirth of the sun, as  solstice represents the turning  point  towards the beginning of more light.  Interestingly,  daylight is seen as  more masculine, as it is about activity, and “doingness”, while  darkness is the time for  quiet rest and restoration, and “beingness” …representing more of the feminine principle…

These two have to work together in harmony…if we were in light (activity) all the time we would “burn out”  (hmm….sound familiar?)  likewise, if we were in darkness all the time, we would most likely become depressed , and have difficulty functioning. (may sound familiar as well)  To be our most productive, we  must have a balance of these two energies.

Take some time and rest from  all the activity of life and business, and be grateful for this day  of darkness..of turning towards our most feminine qualities, so that we may come into the light and  manifest our greatest  leadership strengths.

Often what we learn in the dark, rich fertile soil , we can grow and nurture into  bright action and expression.

Give yourself permission to follow that ancient wisdom….and  take a  rest  to get back in touch with who you are and what you want…something that is challenging to do in our masculine world of “doingness”.

Why are We So Afraid of the “F” Word?

Posted on November 30th, 2010 by Katherine Poehnert  |  4 Comments »

Given the information on my site, you have probably figured out what my “F” word is!  (feminine!) I recently read an article about  Nancy Pelosi  , who was de-valuing and deriding her  replacement, John Boehner, because he had become emotional, and actually shed some tears at various times in his political career. I can’t remember the quote exactly, but basically she was indicating how “unprofessional” that behavior was.  I have to say I was very disappointed those words were coming from a woman, although I was not surprised.  Many women, particularly those in competitive positions with men, have really bought into their “inner patriarchy”, and follow the idea that somehow emotions, and their expression, are  inappropriate and actually “weak”….obviously we don’t want someone bawling their eyes out in a public forum, but  why are we so afraid of those feminine principles (that we find in both men and women), of  connection, deep emotional openness, and receptivity?

Whether we recognize it or not, we are basically emotional beings-

When we show tears it means we are deeply moved by something, whether it be joy, sadness, passion, or  pain.  It shows that we are  in touch with something soulfully held, and profoundly  felt.  More importantly, when we express those feelings outwardly, in a managed way, we become more transparent, and transparency allows for connection, relationship building, and collaboration- characteristics much-needed in our world today. Bringing The Feminine Principle to the “professional”  arena, particularly in the area of politics, would move our country and world to a much more balanced and positive place.

So I say  ”more power to ya” Mr. Boehner, Maybe Nancy Pelosi can take some lessons from you!